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About us

The Vitruvian Times is a libertarian online news outlet which aims to both celebrate the values inherent in Western civilisation and battle against liberal leftism which puts those values at such great risk.

We intend to commemorate the virtues of personal autonomy, freedom of thought and the individual’s right to partake in reasoned debate irrespective of their political or social alignment.

We hold tightly the view that the current totalitarian liberal narrative readily accepted by many who believe themselves to be in pursuit of social freedoms is ultimately poisonous.

Essentially, we recognise that the control of human thought and language to combat what is often only perceived to be oppression is circular.

We wish to help break down this regressive nightmare, where political correctness and red tape of the mind restricts human social development, before it irreparably tightens its stranglehold on the impressionable.

If you frequently find yourself unable to say what you truly believe; if your beliefs are not represented in modern media; if you feel as though you’re a minority of one, then The Vitruvian Times is where you can find solace.

If you wish to take it one step further, feel free to join the rebellion and apply to write for us.